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By Reynard Kleynhans, Senior PGA Teaching Professional, Saadiyat Beach Golf Club


Fairway bunkers can be intimidating for golfers of all skill levels. When your ball lands in one of these sand traps, panic can set in, and you might wonder if you’ll ever get out.


However, with the right technique and a bit of practice, hitting a fairway bunker shot can become a manageable part of your golf game. It’s also a shot you really need to practice in the Middle East as hitting off sand is a common aspect of playing the game here.


While it can be disheartening to smash it off the tee and still find a trap, it can be extra satisfying to hit the green from over 150 yards away from a sandy lie. Hopefully I can help you here with a few pointers to improve your game this season.





Before you even think about swinging, take a moment to assess your lie. Check the depth of the sand and how the ball’s sitting. If it’s buried or on the lip of the bunker, your options may be limited and have to consider taking a more conservative approach.