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Callaway have introduced their latest edition of their Apex irons into the market, an upgrade on their already-impressive 2021 release.


But for the first time in an Apex iron, a hollow body construction pairs a forged face with a forged carbon steel body to deliver a premium, soft feel. The brand’s patented urethane microspheres also dampen sound while allowing the face to flex for higher ball speeds.


These irons also feature a dynamic sole design with a pre-worn leading edge to cut through the turf more efficiently. Callaway claim the result is an iron sole that maintains speed through the turf and helps to promote a more consistent strike on all shots. The goal for these irons, as Callaway describe, is to deliver “exceptional distance with Tour-level precision”. It’s a bold claim and one I need to go and find out for myself.



Also joining these upgraded and enhaced Apex Pros is a new release of Apex MBs which have been specifically developed for the very elite players in the game who want high-level performance.


They are blades which feature a thinner top line than previous models. Expect to see these in the hands of some of the Tour players very soon, no doubt.


Additionally, Callaway have also improved the Apex CBs which are also designed for the most discerning Tour pros and elite ball-strikers. These are still likely to also appeal to the better amateur.


Whether you’re a great golfer, or a mid-handicapper weekend warrior much like myself, there should be a set of irons for you here if you’re looking to take your game to the next level this season.

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Much like last month’s CB wedge feature, I put these irons to the test against former Tour professional Stuart Smith at The Track, Meydan. Using a seven iron with a 110 gram KBS shaft, I was averaging around 151 yards of carry with a spin rate of 5400 RPM. These numbers were roughly what I was aiming for.


I currently play the standard Apex 21s which I hit a couple of yards further, but they do have stronger lofts.
However, on this particular day I wasn’t swinging my best, but it was noticeable how my mishits weren’t off line. I would have been happy with the shots on course as they were all in play, I was just catching the ball a bit thin.


Stuart, on the other hand, was uncovering what these bats can really do for you if you’re a good player with a consistent strike. With the same club, he was carrying the ball 178 yards with a spin rate between 6900 to 7300. The sound was crisp, powerful and a noise I don’t think I’ve ever managed to generate in several years of playing this game!

"If you’re a mid to low handicapper who wants maximum forgiveness while still retaining a high level of feel, these irons could be for you.” - Stuart Smith, Precision Golf, Custom Fit Specialist



Callaway’s new face design using a multi-material forged construction paired with urethane microspheres really helps to deliver an exceptional level of feel. Not only does the ball fly off the face, but there’s a distinct sound at impact which I really liked.


The forgiveness also impressed me as a struggling mid-handicapper, while watching Stuart on the Trackman proved these clubs hit all the right numbers if you swing it well. They are definitely a set worth considering if you’re in the market for some fresh irons as we head into the new season here in the Middle East.