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Following on from last month’s column, when Rahm was the man, it certainly got people taking after he moved over to LIV Golf for an estimated figure close to $600 million, but has it improved or worsened the current situation?


Firstly, you need to understand that figure is not paid upfront and goes straight into his pocket. He also needs to build and manage a team with that money and over an agreed period of what could be five years or more. People might be upset of his switch to LIV, but not many players will argue with him for making the switch.

It’s a life changing amount and you are only an injury away from your professional career ending, so it’s a smart move to future proof no matter what business you are in. Staying with LIV Golf, it was interesting to see that Oosthuizen and Burmester have both won four out of the opening six events on the 2024 DP World Tour schedule. This highlights the importance of why the Saudi Public Investment Fund and the Tours need to sort the current situation out with LIV based players, as we want to see the best players in the world teeing it up against each other.


Ironically, Oosthuizen and Burmester could continue their winning streak but still miss out on playing at the Masters Tournament, the US Open and other high-ranking events. This is where golf fans all over the world are missing out and I just don’t get it. It appears fine for PIF to support and develop the ladies’ game but the moment they started to attract the stars on the PGA Tour to LIV Golf the barriers went up and communication broke down. Maybe if the PIF tried to buy the European Tour and a large stake in the PGA Tour things might have been different. All these billions being invested in golf by the PIF has brought a fresh lease of life and interest into the game, which was losing not gaining fans.




No one has the answer right now as to how the whole thing is going to play-out, but money is being thrown about, as both sides juggle for ultimate control of the professional game. It’s not just the Saudi’s getting the cheque book out to buy support. The PGA TOUR PIP league didn’t appear to reward those that increased social media awareness or value, but it could easily be seen to reward the big-name players that remained loyal to the Tour in 2023.


Although Rahm did collect an additional $9,000,000 by finishing third in the league just moments before he jumped ship to LIV Golf. As I say, who knows where it will all end up and that even applies to myself. Right now, I have little to no players on the DP World Tour. Victor Perez has just picked up an injury and we are waiting for the MRI scans to come back. But he will be looking to play a full PGA Tour schedule and his first event on the DP World Tour might be the Scottish Open in July. Danny Willett might not return to action after recovering from his operation until March, which leaves Harrington as my only remaining player, and he will be mixing things up on all Tours in 2024. That leaves me looking after my players at LIV Golf and out of their 14 events I will probably attend 10, so 2024 could be my quietest year to date.


You will still see me on the range in Dubai for the Desert Classic with my team at Emirates Golf Club. It’s one of my favourite events of the year and on one of the best courses the players tee it up on during the whole season. Some might argue that I’m bias due to having my academy there, but it is one of the main reasons why I have it there. Over the past decade Emirates Golf Club has become a home from home, plus I’d rather be standing on that academy range in January with the sun on my back, than hand picking balls in the driving rain at home in England.