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Callaway have released their latest technology-packed wedge into the market, designed for the mid to higher handicap player with an emphasis on installing maximum confidence on those shorter shots.


The brand claim this new wedge is built to deliver forgiveness while retaining incredible spin and feel from 100 yards and in.


The club itselt has a deep cavity back with a slightly larger head and thicker top line. Jaws Grooves extend across the face on 54 to 60 degree options, with standard length grooves on the 48 to 52 degree editions.


Urethane microspheres also appear in a Callaway wedge for the first time having appeared in their irons previously. This helps give a softer feel while still ensuring it still sounds as premium as possible. It’s fair to say they’ve delivered a new attention-grabbing option to the wedge market that will no doubt tempt many into a purchase.


From a shaft perspective, the True Temper Elevate 95 is the stock steel shaft while graphite options are available from Project X Catalyst in 65g, and UST F1 in a WMS flex. Callaway have also teamed up with Golf Pride to product a specialist wedge grip that’s longer than the standard to enable players to choke down. It’s a nice touch which will no doubt come in handy on those delicate shots, especially from difficult lies.

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I’m a mid-handicap player who shot 89 from the gold tees at Arabian Ranches just a few days before, so while I’m happy with my improving standard of golf, I definitely don’t set the world alight. I tested this 56 degree CB wedge using a GC Quad, and I was averaging 85 yards of carry with a launch angle of 32 degrees. My spin numbers seemed in line with what I was expecting at around 11,000 RPM.


Also helping me test this club was Stuart Smith, a custom fit specialist for Precision Golf and former Tour professional. Using the exact same club, he was averaging 110 yards of carry at a launch angle of 24 degrees with similar spin to myself. These numbers were what he would roughly expect so there were wasn’t anything drastically out of the ordinary. However, the fact he was getting a huge 25 extra yards out of the same wedge did nearly send me home crying!

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If you’re a golfer who enjoys nipping the ball off the grass with limited turf interaction with your wedges, then this club is for you. The tri-level sole on the head helped limit any digging into the ground while still ensuring optimal spin.


I’m still a long way off Stuart’s impressive distance, but from under 100 yards here in the Middle East you need to be able to hold greens. The spin rate from this CB wedge gave me confidence I could do just that. Some may not like the larger head, but as a player chasing forgiveness and reliability that didn’t bother me. I’m considering a purchase of my own as we look ahead to the new season in Dubai.