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Punch shot prowess

Being able to hit a punch shot is something you need to have as pro golfer. I do it a lot myself just to groom my swing. Sometimes I back off the ball a little bit at impact, and that causes the ball to go too high. When I hit punch shots a lot, my swing tends to get better as well as my normal shots.




I think about a few things when I’m trying to hit a punch shot, but mostly what sort of shape I want to hit. When amateurs set up for this low shot, they actually set up for a high one without realising. So, you need to set up with the ball back in your stance. You also need a little bit of forward lean in the shaft at address. This really helps me feel like the shot is going to be low no matter what as from this position it’s easier to imagine hitting down on the ball.




When the ball is this far back in the stance, you need to take a divot. When you’ve created this steep angle at address, if you don’t hit a divot from here you’re doing something wrong. You’ve probably raised up, which means you might thin it or duff it.


In summary, in executing the perfect punch shot, you need to do three things; the ball back in the stance, the shaft forward and retain a steep angle of attack at impact