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Better Your Ballstriking


Consistency of strike is the most important thing that I work on. If you can’t strike a golf ball nowadays it’s really difficult to play on the courses that we play as professionals.


During a tournament week from Monday to Wednesday, I’m videoing my swing and doing some work with my coach where we’re trying to hit the positions which we want to hit.


REMEMBER: Try to get the club coming down with the butt end of the club in front of the hands, as far forward as possible. The ball will still go up in the air, but it will be be compressed and take a divot after the ball.

So, I would set up as though I’m going to hit towards the flag, but I’d hit a 50 percent shot hitting all the movements and the ball should come out flatter, lower, and ball before the turf.


We see it all the time in Pro-Ams when we’re playing with our amateur partners that they’re trying to hit an iron shot and trying to get it up in the air by scooping.


There’s loft on these clubs, the ball is going to go up in the air.