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Gain more distance - easily!

One thing I see with amateurs is when they try to hit it hard, you see everything moving and they’re not hitting it out of the middle.


So, that’s the main big thing, if you can hit it out the middle of the club face because the club heads are designed for it. You’re really going to maximise your ball speed if you do that.


What I would say to amateurs trying to hit it further is really try to slow down your body. That doesn’t mean slow down the club speed, but just slow down the body, so no weird movements with the legs and everything else.


"If you look at Bryson DeChambeau, obviously he swings it really hard, but it’s actually quite simple" - Detry
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Speed Gains


During the tournament with the adrenaline, I can get my clubhead speed to around 120mph with the driver. I don’t tend to go any higher than that. On the range I can get it around 123mph ballspeed once I’m warmed up.


Now with everyone trying to hit it further, most of the top five players in the world are trying to reach 190mph ball speed, almost 200mph, with the driver.