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Focus on the target for distance control

Feel the desired golf shot

By Jamie Coughlin, PGA Professional at Topgolf, Dubai

We rely on our instincts for many things we do in everyday life, especially when generating power and accuracy. At times, with the golf club in our hands, we have a tendency to make it more complicated than it needs to be.

What we see from the world’s best golfers is that they are intuitive when it comes to their movement, they’re ‘in the shot’. They fully take in their environment using their senses to feel the desired golf shot.



We can enhance our feel, thus improving our distance control, by doing the same. Simply look at the target on practice swings, feeling the club swing back and forth. The back-and-forth nature will allow you to create a more natural rhythm and tempo. See the target and imagine where the ball will first bounce. There’s no set number of swings, rather swing the weight until you feel the correct length/ speed that will allow the ball to fly as far as the landing spot. A handy reference is to think of how you throw a ball. Give it a go and get back to a more natural way of playing golf.


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