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Annika Sörenstam Swing Sequence

The best golf swing?

By Pete Cowen

Golf coaching has got far too complicated by studying static positions in the swing, where the key is to keep it simple and understand the body movement. There is no better swing to showcase this than with Annika Sorenstam. The best golf swings are the ones that win the most tournaments, so you can’t argue with the fact that Jack Nicklaus and Annika have the best swings in the history of golf.



Annika’s swing is based around consistency of positions and movement like a metronome, which is why she has won so many events throughout her career. She can just repeat the same movement with ease, her swing is so effective and does not change.

If you can repeat this delivery position time-after-time, the ball is not going to be far offline and this was the key factor to Annika’s impressive Major collection.

Annika’s other skill is course management. She thinks her way round a course brilliantly and when paired with one of the simplest but most effective swings ever to grace the game, it’s easy to look back and see how she rewrote the record books.

If you look at Annika’s swing positions, they are all very good, but it is all about how it moves that creates the perfect golf swing.

Looking at Annika’s swing in still photographs does not do it justice, it deserves more credit. Her body action is so good in the fact it does not change. If you are not sure what I mean about the right body action watch my video (The Spiral Staircase) where I explain the spiral, where you move from the left foot to right shoulder and spiral around the centre.

People try to achieve static positions in a golf swing, where you should be focusing in on creating the correct movement, as there are no static positions in a swing. The swing is based on technical efficiency, and I could not illustrate this better than showcasing Annika’s swing.

Learn from Annika to lower you scores by keeping the swing simple and work the body correctly as a movement.