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Jondo shades – A real game-changer

HDR for your eyes

During our recent Worldwide Golf Society Showdown at Al Hamra, the golf club arranged a hole sponsorship from a sunglasses brand we’d never heard of before – Jondo.

As well as keeping our guests refreshed with complimentary drinks before they took on the daunting long par 3 11th over water, the activation involved inviting the players to don a pair of Jondo shades while they played the hole and compare what they were seeing to the view they had through their regular sunglasses.


Now, I play golf in the UAE wearing shades made by a very well-known and respected brand, which feature polarised lenses. They’re pretty good…or so I thought. The vision produced by the Jondo glasses was another level. POW! The colours of grass, water and sky all popped immediately. It was like going from black and white to glorious technicolour in an instant. And just like that, my polarised sunnies seemed second rate.

Developed by South African ATP tennis star Michael De Jongh and optometrist Pieter Naude, the secret to Jondo’s outstanding clarity and colour perception lies in the patented amplifEYE technology which works by using advanced spectral filtration to produce wonderfully vivid shades of red, green, and blue and virtually eliminate glare and haze. They also offer a high level of protection for your eyes in a variety of extreme conditions and are lightweight, durable and best of all, incredibly cool looking!

The reason we hadn’t heard of them before, and the reason you won’t find them adorning the shelves of every pro shop in the land is that they are not mass produced. Each and every pair is custom fitted with these unique high contrast lenses. Care and attention goes into every pair and the results speak for themselves.

Don’t believe us? Proof is in the pudding as they – try a pair, you’ll see what we mean.

The AmplifEYE range retails at AED 600 per pair and there’s also a polarised range at AED 300 but Worldwide Golf readers can avail a 10% discount by quoting the following code: JONDOWWG10%

To purchase a pair of Jondo sunglasses

call 055 496 0469 or 052 459 0663,
email: Info@jondo.ae or
Instagram:  Jondo_uae
and don’t forget your WWG discount code: JONDOWWG10%